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Want to end relationship, wish I had someone to talk to.....

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idpreferanegroni Fri 19-May-17 17:44:25

I've been in a very long relationship with a nice guy in general but he's not always so nice to me. He doesn't give much emotionally, absorbed in job etc
We get on as friends but I don't leave as I've a ds. We have a life together - as couples do. But it all seems fake currently.
I'd love to talk to close friends or family in RL about this but my closest friends won't discuss this either because one has guilt about doing the same years back, one doesn't have a kid and is really (painfully!) judgemental about ds even though I've supported and listened to them through numerous break-ups. Another really likes dp so I don't go there. And my mum's always been utterly self-absorbed and can turn nasty with any vulnerable info she has.

I've been fairly solid for others around me (at least I think so) over the years but I feel utterly alone in this situation. Yes, I know the stats, yes, I may not be any happier if I left but it just seems the ultimate taboo. And a very lonely thing to think about. If my dp was obviously a sh*t then others I guess would listen.

Is this just a bit of a lonely thing people have to figure out and go through themselves? So others just expect me to listen to them and their stuff whilst ignoring the obvious.

Jellyboobs Fri 19-May-17 18:36:44

I'm lucky enough to have my best friend, who I can talk about this with, but if I didn't I'd come on here and ask all the people here.

Do you think you would want to stay together if things improved? If you said to him that you were unhappy, or things didn't feel right? Or do you know you want to leave?

jouu Fri 19-May-17 19:34:39

Is DS his child?

What has he done that's made you feel fed up?

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