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famous people - I don't like it

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Kittencatkins123 Mon 15-May-17 21:14:45

It's (sort of) part of my job. But I'm shit at going to events and chatting to them. I feel shy! Argh. I don't HAVE to do it but it would probably be looked upon as a positive. Am I a complete loser? I feel like other people do this so easily. sad Help (and this is NOT a stealth boast. I'm a shy loser!) Also I'm totally fine to confident in normal company!

pinkdelight Mon 15-May-17 21:19:29

Can you not treat them as normal company, assuming you treat normal people with warmth and sensitivity? Try to put the famous bit out of your head.

paulapantsdown Mon 15-May-17 21:25:32

they are just people

I used to work on the fringes of the music industry, met and worked with/for some very famous people, and they are just the same as you and me. I used to get a bit starstruck, but it soon became apparent that

the famous glamourous fashion designer was a dirty skank with bo
the famous film director was a penny pinching cheapskate
the soon to be hugely famous singer about to have a number 1 album and a sell out world tour was actually homesick and sad for his family and hometown

and so on

Just treat them as you would anyone else you met for the first time.

Kittencatkins123 Mon 15-May-17 22:01:51

Okay I will try that.
I just feel v awks but I was on my own tonight so maybe worse.
Thanks! smile

noego Mon 15-May-17 23:17:59

Their shit stinks just like your does.

Thesofaneedsmetositonit Tue 16-May-17 06:26:37

Hi OP,
I used to work with famous faces (& their kids) and started off nervous.

I told myself they are still people who have emotions & probably wanted to be treated 'normally'.

I made a point of telling myself they still use the loo like us, they still have bills to pay & they need friends like we do.

Their children kept them grounded and often made light of a situation which helped.

Don't put them on a pedestal. They're not there to intimidate you at all. It's their job and it's your job to be there too so maybe start a conversation if you need to about the event. They probably are nervous about not being liked. We all have our own insecurities.

LedaP Tue 16-May-17 06:35:03

Honestly Op they are just people. I have been working around famour peoplr since i was 18. Some are lovely, some not so much. Some think they are better than everyone, some get fed up that people assume they will act like a twat. The same as any group of people.

It wouldnt matter what environment you worked in. Some people would be nice, some wouldnt be. Their job doesnt make them better than you.

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