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How do you address the 'distance' in your relationship?

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Methenyouplus4 Sun 14-May-17 19:51:06

DH is pretty good guy both as a partner and a father; recently though, due to the usual kids/work etc, I feel a 'distance' growing.

About 8 months ago I warned him of this, said what my issues were, said we both need to try harder as a couple (just the usual of spending time together, a bit more sex etc). Things were better for a couple of months.

Now, those feelings are coming back again. I love him but am starting to feel neutral towards him. Less of the best friend I have sexual chemistry with and more just the good friend.

How do I talk to him again and get him to really listen? I feel like it will just turn into either mud slinging over petty things or (as last time), him agreeing with points but very little/nothing actually changing.

The only thing he really shows any interest in wanting to work on is the more sex bit which I find difficult when there is such a slide of the overall intimacy in the relationship.

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