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How do i get over exH

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User2410 Sun 14-May-17 12:26:00

I've posted before and Im even boring myself with how desperate I'm being. Everyone has said don't do the pick me dance and I've carried on doing it and ended up more depressed than before.
I've found out H has been sleeping with other people since we have been aoart ( 4 months) I don't know whether there is any more to it or not but he's been workong away and that comes to an end in a few weeks so he will be back to normality in our home town living at his mum's and away from the new woman. He's said his head is all over the place and maybe he'll feel differently when he's back home and will want to give things a try again. But that's when I should be saying no way! What can I do to stop this sick dizzy ill feeling I have all the time picturing him and another woman together. Is there any self help books I can read anyone can recommend. I want to help myself. I can't stop crying I'm miserable and bad tempered to my children and they don't deserve this and they are most important and going through this too.

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