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How do you KNOW you want out?

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SadEyedPete Sun 14-May-17 09:56:14

I've been having a wobble on my marriage for the past 6 months. Currently got a thread going in AIBU but the gist of it is I think we're only together because we like the same holidays. We rarely have sex, we don't really do anything together (we have adult kids and a number of pubs, cafes etc nearby but he never wants to "do" anything with me). He seems to want to argue a lot, is massively over the top when he disagrees with something (says I'm breaking his heart for example for something as petty as not wanting to watch the same to program) and I just get the feeling he "tolerates" me solely because we travel well together.

Last night he went out (rare) and I had a great time, played on the computer for a bit, watched a film, basically felt really free and happy as well as motivated to take up old hobbies and get in shape etc. As soon as he came home, although he didn't do anything - I felt deflated and fed up again.

Does anyone understand?

mrelse173836423493274 Sun 14-May-17 10:08:47

How long have you been together? Maybe your just not matched on a fundamental level. Out grown each other and just become complacent.

Expressing to him how you feel is a start which isn't always easy and couple therapy. You could just try by trying to inject some fun back into it. Maybe each doing something the other likes activity wise.

If you feel like things won't change, he doesn't want to change or you just don't want to be with him anymore then I suppose it's accepting it or moving on. You only have one life to live.

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