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Is anyone awake? I think I was just raped

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AskingForIt Sun 07-May-17 02:30:21

I'm in shock. I don't know what to do. My friends are sleeping

Hamsolo Sun 07-May-17 02:33:01

I'm so sorry to hear that. Are you safe now? Please phone the police, if you feel you can. I'm awake for a bit feeding my baby, if you want to talk.

SashaSays Sun 07-May-17 02:35:55

So sorry this has happened to you. I agree if you feel you can call the police, do it.

apricotdanish Sun 07-May-17 02:35:56

Same, also here if you need to talk. I would wake up one of the friends of you feel you need their support though, I'm sure they wouldn't want you to be going through this alone.

Dons1975 Sun 07-May-17 02:35:57

Can you go somewhere safe? Is there someone you can call??

GoldStars3 Sun 07-May-17 02:37:13

I'm here too. I'm sorry this happened to you. Is he gone? Can you wake one of your friends?

AskingForIt Sun 07-May-17 02:37:26

Thank you. I'm so confused. I've known him months, we recently started dating. He said we could go at my pace as he knows I was raped before

AskingForIt Sun 07-May-17 02:38:27

He left but is talking about killing himself

AskingForIt Sun 07-May-17 02:38:53

He says he loves me and never meant to hurt me, he just got carried away

AskingForIt Sun 07-May-17 02:40:16

Maybe I over reacted. He stopped as soon as I realised what was happening and he could see my reaction

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Sun 07-May-17 02:41:57

Get yourself somewhere safe, ignore his bullshit, and call the police OP. I'm sorry this has happened to you.

squoosh Sun 07-May-17 02:42:43

His mental health issues are no excuse. He deserves no sympathy or understanding.

Could you wake one of your friends and tell them what's happened?

OlennasWimple Sun 07-May-17 02:42:50

Do not shower or change your clothes

Call the police and report what happened, and mention that he is talking about killing himself

PLease wake up a friend and get RL support

BTW, you were not "asking for it"


HeartsTrumpDiamonds Sun 07-May-17 02:43:12

So he "started" without consent?

AskingForIt Sun 07-May-17 02:45:53

I can't call the police. I reported my ex boyfriend last week for domestic abuse and they said that he raped me as he had sex with me while I was sleeping

AskingForIt Sun 07-May-17 02:47:44

Yes. We have spoken about it lots and he knew I didn't want it to go that far and that when it did I wanted to use condoms. I kept clothes on specifically for that reason

Harrietf21 Sun 07-May-17 02:47:51

Ignore him. He has to take responsibility for himself, all you need to do is take care of you.

Are you somewhere safe? If I was your friend I would want to be woken up for this. Please wake someone up and get some support.

I'm so sorry this has happened to you.

BusterGonad Sun 07-May-17 02:55:42

You must call the police, please don't let him get away with it.

AskingForIt Sun 07-May-17 02:57:38

I'm so ashamed it's happened again. What's wrong with me? I trusted him.

I'm not sure it even counts

TabascoToastie Sun 07-May-17 02:57:54

You are NOT overreacting.

Him threatening suicide is not your responsibility and a lot of abusers use threats of self-harm as control techniques.

Please call a rape crisis centre - don't feel you have to call the police right away if you are not ready to. But if you are ready to, don't let the fact you've previously reported another man make you afraid, as it's sadly not uncommon for rape/dv survivors to be targeted by other abusers.

squoosh Sun 07-May-17 03:00:19

What's wrong with me? I trusted him.

Nothing whatsoever. You were vulnerable and he took advantage of that.

sara221 Sun 07-May-17 03:01:53

I am sorry this is happening to you, I concur with what others have already said. Please do call a RL friend, they will not care about being woken up. Do not wash, keep all your clothes, do not message him at all and keep any messages that he gives. Please do call the police, they will take this matter seriously. He knew about what happened to you last week and clearly is a predator, he will be expecting you not take action against him. The police will help and both matters will be dealt with separately. reporting should not deter you from reporting tonights crime.
Please get to somewhere safe, If you are at home-then just double check your doors are locked.
I am sending you hugs-please call the police and a friend.

sara221 Sun 07-May-17 03:04:03

I have just read your new message-you are not at fault. You did nothing wrong and do not blame yourself.

AskingForIt Sun 07-May-17 03:04:54

Thank you. I feel sick and completely confused. And so so stupid

Laineymc7 Sun 07-May-17 03:06:56

Im sorry op. Please wake your friend or call someone for support. You don't have to report it to police for now if you aren't ready. But you can self refer now to a clinic. They can offer you support and examine you, retain any evidence now you can then decide what to do at a later date. Please don't wash/shower and keep your clothes that you were wearing etc. The clinics are normally open 24 hours a day. Google the one in your area and call them for advice.

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