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Liar liar bums on fire.

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Hesabawbag Sun 07-May-17 00:13:33

Thought I'd start a thread to pull tips on dealing with your gut instincts versus the crap that's spouted on discovering infidelity. So basically cues we get when we just know its bs.
Starting of with the same minimal repeated 5 word sentence that's. Never deviated from.

pinkyredrose Sun 07-May-17 00:15:06

She meant nothing to me

CaulkheadNorth Sun 07-May-17 00:16:06


honeylulu Sun 07-May-17 00:32:26

It's not you, it's me.

KreamyKoala Sun 07-May-17 00:36:46

'She's going through a hard time and needed someone to talk to'

lifesjoys Sun 07-May-17 00:37:33

We are just friends

MadameGlitterSparkles Sun 07-May-17 00:40:59

'I can explain'

Trickycat Sun 07-May-17 00:42:28

She's just a friend.

CharlieBoo Sun 07-May-17 00:44:41

She's just a friend/colleague

CrazedZombie Sun 07-May-17 00:47:05

I didn't mean to hurt you.
It's not personal.

CrazedZombie Sun 07-May-17 00:47:44

She's just a friend.
I love you but not in love with you.

NarcsBegone Sun 07-May-17 00:58:21

I didn't tell you because I didn't want to hurt/upset/knew you wouldn't like it blah blah

pnutter Sun 07-May-17 01:15:25

She needed cheering up hmm

SuiteHarmony Sun 07-May-17 01:16:15

There. Is. Nothing. Going. On. And you always over-react; that's why I didn't tell you about the drinks/dinner/texts/phone calls.

SafeWord Sun 07-May-17 01:17:32

Don't start

pnutter Sun 07-May-17 01:19:10

You are crazy/ paranoid

lifesjoys Sun 07-May-17 01:20:07

I deleted the messages because I knew you'd think more was going on, which it obviously wasn't

lifesjoys Sun 07-May-17 01:20:53

We only talked about me and you, I was asking her advice whilst she was sucking my blush

Livedandlearned Sun 07-May-17 01:22:42

She's weird

pnutter Sun 07-May-17 01:22:47

I was lonely because you're always putting the kids first

Hesabawbag Sun 07-May-17 01:24:56

You deserve better than me, just to mind fuck you when their still lying through their teeth.

Hesabawbag Sun 07-May-17 01:26:23

It was just stupid stuff that meant nothing, it's you I want.

tallwivglasses Sun 07-May-17 01:38:30

This is where the MN mantra comes in handy - shove his stuff in bin bags and stick 'em in the doorstep

Hesabawbag Sun 07-May-17 01:40:14

Out of character derogatory comments directed at you can be a sign they are trying to validate their own vile behaviour by making you out to be the ogre.

Hesabawbag Sun 07-May-17 01:42:13

I don't want this., ironically mind fucking.

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