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Relate: Working to Improve Relationship

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Awholenewstart Sun 30-Apr-17 07:53:34

My DH and I have been separated over a year. Lots EA and I eventually managed to walk away.
We didn't talk for months (except for DC's contact) but slowly began to talk over last couple months and seem to be getting a better relationship between us.
We want to ensure every possibility of working things out has been tried before we divorce and have decided to try Relate together.
My question is simply can anyone recommend any books on 'marriage repair' that would be helpful at the same time. Relate is only once a week or sometimes every other week and I feel keen to start working on things behind the scenes as well.....

Realitea Sun 30-Apr-17 08:45:43

I don't have any suggestions but I'm sure others will. Just make sure he gets as involved as you do so you can work together on this. Relate do also have a free live web chat. You can talk for half an hour at a time. Maybe they could recommend some books too?
On their website is a section on EA which might be worth reading.

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