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Hard to cope since husband left

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Meagain84 Sat 29-Apr-17 20:57:48

So my ex left on Jan 1st when I found out he had an alcohol problem. We tried marriage counselling but little did I know he was drinking excessively still. He ended up in hospital with seizures after trying to cold turkey from vodka. After that we tried to work on our marriage but he lied to me again and as soon as he got the chance went out and got drunk again.
I have completely given up on the marriage now, because I've been so hurt by his lies. At first I felt great like a fresh start but as time has gone on I'm really finding it hard to cope. I'm back on antidepressants, but honestly getting through the day is hard work. My family helps me a lot and my dd is the reason I carry on. I just feel like I'm letting her down by not being the fun mum I was before. I have so much mum guilt and I'm absolutely heartbroken by the man I loved for 11 years. Has anyone been through the same? Any advice to help me get through the day please? Xx

tribpot Sat 29-Apr-17 21:06:11

Have you spoken to Al Anon? This is the support organisation for friends and families of alcoholics. I think it would probably do you good to speak to other people who've been through the same situation as you.

You are grieving the marriage and the man you thought you had - go easy on yourself. And do try to understand that his actions had nothing to do with you, nothing to do with anything you did or didn't do.

C0untDucku1a Sat 29-Apr-17 21:06:32

No advice but stay strong x

Meagain84 Sat 29-Apr-17 21:49:38

Thank you both. I will look at al anon now. Thanks again. Xx

Enough101 Sat 29-Apr-17 23:54:01

It must be really hard on you. I grew up with an alcoholic parent and, even if you don't feel like you are much fun right now for your dc, you are the safe and sober parent and that is what children need. Al-anon can be great and if your dc is a teenager, there is also Alateen too which is for children of alcoholics. Good luck op. You are so much better out of the relationship. Alcoholism is a horrible illness.

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