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Playing silly games over divorce?

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Dawndonnaagain Wed 26-Apr-17 14:28:45

Okay, he's done all sorts of things that have of course cost me more money, e.g. 'forgetting' to let his solicitor know he's moved.
He was asked for a list some six weeks ago of what he wanted from the house. Nothing. Nada. Thing is, he has a list which I gave to the solicitor, so it's only a case of adding one or two things to it. If I ring and chase it up, of course the solicitors will charge me. I do think this is a control thing. Anybody know if there's anything I can do to get things moving. I just want it sorted and he knows this. Ideas gratefully received!

Ellisandra Wed 26-Apr-17 17:10:15

I don't understand why you need to speak to a solicitor or chase it at all.
You have a list, you gave it to the solicitor, end of.
What am I missing?

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Wed 26-Apr-17 17:14:24

Yes, as above....if he doesn't shout up now that he wants it, he doesn't get it, I would have thought. It is annoying when they drag their feet though, I sympathise.

Dawndonnaagain Wed 26-Apr-17 18:46:23

I want to move. I can't move until he decides what he wants, what he's doing. He knows this. It's frustrating and it's being used as a form of control.

EggysMom Wed 26-Apr-17 18:53:24

You get your solicitor (yes, I know it'll cost but ) to write a letter giving a deadline by which the list will be provided, and a further deadline by which the items are to be collected. Failure to provide a list, or failure to then collect, is to be deemed as him forfeiting rights to those items.

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