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Under the thumb

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user1492510349 Mon 24-Apr-17 23:37:11

Hey! Posting on behalf as a friend, both are pain in the arise when they have had a drink always argue over nothing.

when she's drunk she winds him up by saying stupid things until he bites, but then when he's drunk he kicks off over the littlest things picking the phone up the wrong way because a programme on telly mentions sex in public places she's a scruff and has done that (hasn't btw)

they are a lot older than me (12years) but how can they be this old and argue?
It like been at high school.

it is rather annoying it's starting to distort friendships like girls night out she won't come because she says she's too old but that is not the reason I can't decide weAther he won't let her out playing mind games or weather she doesn't want to because it will end in arguments, 2 years ago was the last time she was out and even then she went rather early which tbh was pointless going out.

Don't know what advice I'm after to be honest but has anyone been in the same situation or know what will help just don't want her to be stuck in a rut xXx

Shoxfordian Tue 25-Apr-17 06:59:44

Doesn't sound as though they are good for each other. Can you arrange some time with just your friend to ask her if she's happy with how the relationship is going? If he is being controlling then it'll be difficult for her so you should try to be as supportive as you can. Maybe suggest she drinks less around him or avoids drinking with him if alcohol causes some of the arguments.

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