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Friendship... feeling sad

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knaffedoff Sun 23-Apr-17 18:54:01

Many years ago I was part of a friendship group with co-workers. We went out for meals and generally socialised well together. Unfortunately it soured after I arranged a weekend for one of the girls big birthday and after a few drinks I overheard them talking unfavourably about what I had arranged and they had each spoken disappointingly about something that had happened, for which I was not aware and had no control (it was about another of the friends).

The result was it made me feel very anxious and I was left feeling poorly. I should have just gone home, but I didn't want to ruin the weekend, even though for me it was ruined.

Fast forward a few months and I suffered with depression as a result of bereavement. I received no contact or support from them and was criticised for not blocking them out and not making an effort with the friendship.

When the birthday girl got married, I was not invited to the weekend break but travelled an hour to join the group for a meal, unfortunately they were all hungover and decided to return early to the accommodation. I was not invited with them so drove (an hour) home.

The birthday girl became very ill and I would visit her as often as I could and post cards to her. She thanked me at the time and said how much she appreciated the effort I made and how it had cheered her up.

I was so disappointed in them, that when we all moved jobs I kept very loose contact via FB.

I have now found out they have met up and not invited me. I know they have treated me terribly but it still hurts that they are posting what great friends they all are :-(

Chottie Sun 23-Apr-17 18:59:18

They are not true friends.....

Let them go and leave a space for new people to come into your life....

knaffedoff Sun 23-Apr-17 19:07:53

I know, I can't believe I feel sad by their recent posting and honestly they treated me so badly I would be hesitant to get involved again. I have new friends and would never put up with such nonsense again. It's madness that it's even bothered me !!!!!!!! I feel cross with myself for even being bothered :-(

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