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Fed up

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Notsoyummi Sat 22-Apr-17 13:47:09

I don't fancy Dh anymore don't even think I like him. If he doesn't get sex in a week he will be a total shit to me he never tells me I look nice only when I look fat or make up looks orange I wanted to make dinner for my parents easter Sunday and bring it to them as they live a bit away he told me not to too much hassle so I baked some cakes instead,he was then talking to my mum and says notso was going to make you se dinner I just said I was too tired so I just baked I was a bit embarrasses tbh.Now I have been pissed off about this all week and he is been an arse today so I brought it up and he says you often make them dinner no one else does what do you get for it so I told him they are my parents and I don't mind then I told him I was getting sick of him and his crap and how he never I look nice just when I don't .I had an exam this week he never asked how i got on also in past ive had a lump investigated and removed from my cervix never asked if I was OK. He's always shouting at the kids I really can't find anything attractive about him. We have a mortgage I feel trapped nowhere to go with kids also couldn't afford it I have a pt job only earn €200 a week goes straight into the bills account.

pallasathena Sat 22-Apr-17 23:09:38

You need a plan, preferably one that has you at the centre of it as you chart a course for the rest of your life.
What do you need to do to live a happy fulfilling life? How can you make sure that you and your kids have a good future?
Only you know the answer to that but if it includes overhauling your current circumstances and setting in place realistic goals, then you need to start right now.

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