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I've dodged a bullet, right?

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roarityroar Fri 21-Apr-17 20:10:31

Went on two dates with man. V attractive, intelligent, similar interests. Teetotal because of former addiction issues, which I'm not, but ok.

Second date nice. He's funny. But he starts interrogating me. Asks me if I know of the Hare test (psychopath test) and quizzes me on my level of sociopathy. Otherwise fun. I agreed I might be about later tonight. Might.

Today comes. He calls. Messes around with times but that's fine, I'm laid back. I say look, tonight was never really great, can we rain check? He starts going mental over text. Leaves me a VM explaining the conversations we had in minute detail and why my actions are "not his standard".

I obviously say ok, that's how you feel. Them get a barrage about how yes I am indeed a psychopath and that's "gold dust" (he means hilariously funny).

Bullet dodged right? I had a weird feeling and actually, I'm glad and won't see him again.

TeddyIsaHe Fri 21-Apr-17 20:32:57

Yes definitely dodged a bullet, I got the creeps reading that! After only 2 dates that's rather odd behaviour... can you block him from social media/your phone in case he continues with strange VMs?

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