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dont know what it is?

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Dolphins23 Thu 20-Apr-17 01:01:17

hey to start of with heres abit about me so you might understand, kicked my hubby out as he was emotionally and physically abusing me. got 2 kids, ive been going out with someone else but I feel so lonely?
my new boyfriend works nights 6pm-6am so when he finishes I'm asleep and he sleeps till around 5pm half an hour before he has to go back work so I don't get chance talk, then he cant hardly message me at work. this is 4 days a week, the day he is off he is catching up on sleep and has the same sleep pattern as when he works. if hes off on the weekend then I hardly see him because of fut champs (fifa17) but he does make the effort to come a few hours, he does have an illness ulcerative colitis that makes him tired and in pain all the time, he does try sleep at mine 1 or 2 times a week depending if ive got work too. but at night I get so lonely and bored with the big change of not having someone always here at night and it causes arguments between us. he likes going back his mums house though because he likes his space and misses home. but when we are together we are perfect! has anyone else been like this, did they overcome or is it best to just finish it? thanks

hellsbellsmelons Thu 20-Apr-17 10:52:05

How long have you been with him?
Doesn't sound like it's working for you at all.
I would say end it and move on.

scottishdiem Thu 20-Apr-17 13:48:25

Probably end it I would say. You are unhappy as he cannot give you the time that you want. Next time, check to make sure that they work hours that suit you better.

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