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Help regarding contact

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StressedMum79 Wed 19-Apr-17 10:49:15

My sister has recently come out of a DV relationship. We have contacted DVAP and Social services as there was also abuse towards her daughter. They have advised that any contact should be supervised but this is proving difficult as he is pushing for unsupervised. Would she be best applying for a contact order and what would my situation with regards to this be. He is on the birth certificate and has PR. Thanks

RelentlesslyPositive Wed 19-Apr-17 10:55:39

He has to apply for contact, she is well within her rights to refuse unsupervised contact until the court orders it - and unsupervised contact would not be ordered without a cafcass report.

She can show willing by providing him with details of local contact centres, and asking him to go through a contact centre to start with.

The legal boards may have more useful advice

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