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Feeling bizarre about this...what to do...

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maltedmilk1 Sun 16-Apr-17 22:44:25

Feeling bizarre about this...

Bit of a back story and hoping this isn't too long of a read. Been with dp for 4 years have a two year old dd. Quite a nice relationship on the whole I would say we are a strong couple and I definitely love him. He's a great dad works hard and on the whole treats me well. We do have rough patches like anyone and think we miscommunicate and sometimes our arguments can go on for a whole day and get quite heated. Other times we are happy as Larry and totally in love.

Anyway this weekend has been a weekend where we haven't been great. Yesterday we argued all day ending in a BBQ with his friends not going ahead due to our row. Recently he's been saying I'm controlling and I generally feel he is in affectionate and doesn't always think about my feelings etc. Anyway it was resolved by the evening and we both agreed we don't communicate well on the whole and we need to improve this. We both apologised.

Have had a lovely day together today with our DD then went to my parents tonight for dinner. My dp and dad get on very well. Anyway I was sat with my lo on the sofa away from the party while everyone was singing and having fun, she was a bit teary and tbh shattered and I wanted to take her home. I had mentioned to my dp who had been knocking back the port with my dad (discreetly) to slow down as he is always sick when he has it and a couple of times I've had to clean it up out of our bathroom sink! He agreed but kept knocking them back.

I asked him to come and sit with me and my moany LO and said can you slow down a bit please or can you sit with her for a bit. His reply was something like to put her on the iPad and leave her, because he wanted to stay and have fun obviously...after a quiet disagreement with him getting shirty I said can we all go back together because it would be nice for me and him to chill together and put LO to bed. I also mentioned that for the last 2 hours he had been sat with my family drinking away whilst I'd been sat with my LO as in not very fun for me...

*Anyway we left he was not happy at all. On our way I realised he was a lot more smashed than he usually is so decided that whatever happens when we got home I just have to bite my tongue as I'm sober he is drunk etc. Usually he is a lovely drunk very loving and all over me.

Anyway we walked back from my mums I tried to make an effort with conversation. Said look at the stars tried to give him a little cuddle he was having none of it. Put my daughter to bed. He is up and down the stairs being sick and god knows what waking up the baby. I say nothing.*

*He won't look at me I've cleaned up made him tea and given him a paracetamol which normally I wouldn't.
I asked if he was ok he said 'no yet again your controlling' I didn't say anything because I just feel like it'll get into a row and with him being drunk didn't think it wise.*

*Anyway I feel like things might have shifted, I just feel weird, I feel like tomorrow when he wakes up he will absolutely be blaming this on me being controlling and I will want to blow up because I don't think I have been.
What do I do tomorrow? Do I get up and forget it and try and have a nice day together or do I act off with him until he at least apologises or tells me why he was in a mood. He will just say I'm controlling and then we will argue all day again...*

I just don't know... Also we are going abroad with my parents in June and I'm now thinking him and my dad will be getting pissed every night and he will just be like this and I'll have to put up with it for a week...

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