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She's going to kick him out.

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ClemDanfango Sun 16-Apr-17 02:27:48

My friend is gearing up to boot out her mentally abusive cock lodging twat monkey.
I want to be there to support her when she does it and I'm guessing he's going to ramp up the verbal abuse during the process towards her and possibly me, I'm not too bothered about that personally but would like some help with how to react, should I just ignore him while I'm there or just keep saying "yep ok Dave" repeatedly to anything he says to me? It will show him I don't care what he says but may wind him up more which I don't want my friend to be affected by.
Any advice would be appreciated, oh and he's not really called Dave, and I'm not too concerned about him becoming violent, I could probably do more damage to him if it came to it. (Think guy from the old Mr Muscle adverts)
Thanks all.

AcrossthePond55 Sun 16-Apr-17 03:53:09

My advice is to ignore any insults or name calling. Any response, no matter how 'neutral' will be used by him as a reason to step up his verbal diarrhoea. But if he utters one single threatening word or attempts to physically intimidate you (or her) or lays hands on either of you call the police.

Physically intimidating can include standing too closely, blocking hallways or doors or maneuvering himself so that you cannot pass him, getting in your face, 'bowing up' (standing chest out, shoulders back, hands in fists in an aggressive pose).

If you seriously think he may become aggressive, you should probably alert the police on their non-emergency number before she actually tells him to leave.

Is there a reason she can't simply pack his shit in bags and leave it on the porch (or at someone's house), change her locks, and send him a text?

Chloe84 Sun 16-Apr-17 07:55:36

I can't add much more to what Across ^ said, but good luck!

ClemDanfango Mon 17-Apr-17 09:31:16

Apologies, I started thus thread in the middle of the night and totally forgot about it!

Thanks for your replies AcrossthePond55 I'm working on her to put his stuff out and lock the door, she's worried about the fall out from that as he gets very loud and unreasonable and she's ashamed of the neighbors seeing/hearing. I think it's a stalling tactic to be honest because she's frightened of him, he's really done a number on her and her confidence is rock bottom.
I'll try my best to bite my tongue while I'm there! Not sure when this is all happening but my lovely (6ft 3 rugby playing DP) has told me he wants to be there too so hopefully that will encourage him to go quietly grin

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