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This has taken me back...........

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Sali36 Fri 14-Apr-17 17:49:45

Brief history. Married many years, not particularly happy or fulfilling but as DH once said 'it's convenient". Stuck together because of children, trauma with elderly parents, redundancies, marriage vows and the fear of the alternative - you name it - here we are.
We both worked for the same company before the DC 20 years ago, I became a SAHM, and he continued his career (good = comfortable lifestyle) and his social life (not good from my point of view as we never socialised as a couple) I had/have my own life, work, hobbies, friends. A blast from the past today...DH said a woman we worked with 3 decades ago has asked him out for drinks and a meal next weekend. All those years ago she was a bit of a strumpet to say the least, she had many boyfriends at work, including a couple of married ones, broke up at least one marriage. She and her now husband live on the other side of the world. She's returning for a holiday and has organised a get together and DH has just said he's invited. I ask am I invited? And he says no.........<silence>........then he says I could ask if they can fit you in. Other old work colleagues and their partners have been invited. This has just taken me back to all those times (2 decades worth) when I've was left at home and felt excluded why he went out leading the 'single life'. Is there a history there that DH doesn't want me to unearth? I remember they meet up about 10 years ago I was told I couldn't go and I followed him to the pub where they were meeting and looked in through the window - how sad is that. I don't think I've ever done anything to this woman that she might dislike me. I just think I wasn't part of the going out gang and DH is still quite happy to have it that way. Friends and relations comment that DH has Aspergers.

Thinkingofausername1 Sat 15-Apr-17 15:11:24

Mmm. So she had affairs with married men. Are you sure your dh wasn't one of the ones she had an affair with??
I would push to go and see how they are around each other

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