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Just somewhere to feel sad

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notanothernamechangebabes Wed 12-Apr-17 19:09:12

DPs health issues and uncertain prognosis, mean that today we've decided not to have any more children. He's seeing his GP for a vasectomy.

We have one 6mo DS. I would have loved half a dozen kids- DP hadn't ever wanted babies until we fell pregnant- and now he's gutted too that we won't have any more.

It's what's best for all of us, stopping with our one, perfect boy... and I should be grateful for what we have. But can't help feeling a bit sad we won't have lots of children running round being mischievous and noisy, like a little pack.

Sorry to ramble and vent. Just needed to write it down somewhere.

loveyoutothemoon Wed 12-Apr-17 21:52:04

Was it definitely a joint decision and you say uncertain prognosis, will that always be the case? How old are you both?

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