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How do I not be useless!?

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ninenicknames Mon 10-Apr-17 19:37:31

Single 9 years ...

Few flings here and there but nothing of any meaning.

I'm 40.

I've met someone who I'm really keen on, he appears keen on me.

But here I am already thinking "what if this? What if that? How do I know he meant that? Did he mean this or that?" Basically like a twat already analysing the shit out of it.

How do I just go with the flow .... I just want to relax and go with it & what will be will be but I feel myself going into this pit of the unknown.

Clearly I've been single for 9 years for a reason!?!

(Been badly burnt in the past)


JK1773 Mon 10-Apr-17 20:11:21

Right just breathe. You remember that you are fine on your own and you will be again if it doesn't work out. Obviously it will be great if it does but try not to pin your hopes on it. Maintain your independence at all times, don't stop seeing your friends for example. Make your plans to see him and just chill out and enjoy it when you do. There's no need to analyse him. Assuming he's a decent man he wouldn't be spending time with you if he didn't want to. 😊

springydaffs Tue 11-Apr-17 00:18:20

There may be no need to analyse him - but you will anyway lol.

Just let it roll - or crash - through. It's called panic. Don't take it personally. It'll settle down eventually, especially as you get to know one another more.

Wishing you the very best, nine (aw)

noego Tue 11-Apr-17 02:35:24

Overthinking kills passion. Let it unfold naturally.

FastWindow Tue 11-Apr-17 03:19:16

You are who you are... And all the people who know you, know that you're a person worth knowing. So armed with that information, go in, be bold, but be you.

No point otherwise!

We're all nuts.

Greystars Tue 11-Apr-17 03:28:15

We're all nuts

Agree, the only people you don't think are nuts are highly likely to be the ones you don't know very well!

Take a leap of faith, look out for red flags don't go hunting for them try to enjoy yourself ;)

I was the same smile with DH was waiting for it to go wrong, until I had a lightbulb moment in that he might just be as good as he seemed, he is. Good men do exist and I met him when I was 35, so they are not all taken smile

ninenicknames Tue 11-Apr-17 09:04:32

Gosh! What wonderful wise words ....

He sent me the loveliest message last night, feeling good.

Love the fact we are "all nuts" haha!

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