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Any recommendation on counselling in SW London, Wandsworth

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LittleMuffinBabyboy Mon 10-Apr-17 12:26:00


Sorry for the long post.

I am experiencing lots of frustrating feelings, repetitive and negative thoughts since more or less I gave up my job to be full
time with my DS. But things have literally gone down the hill when DH and I have started arguing pretty much every week end. He works the whole day and I feel we have lost all the connection, partly due to the stress of having no family around and being exhausted with our DS. I feel like we are all in a hamster's wheel and we can't get out of it. I spend most days out trying to distract myself and taking my DS to playgrounds etc but experience so many thoughts or feelings am not even sure, one moment I feel terribly guilty that I am not being happy all the time about being a mum, then at times feel like I am hostile to DS and almost don't want to give him all the attention, then when DH comes home I feel very frustrated by his negative outlook on our life and apparent composure. I feel I want to explode with anger but I don't know how to express that. I've had therapy before but although I am not in a great mood to bond with another therapist now I feel I need to put my thoughts in order, relax and understand things about how my family has affected me finding ways of coping with my negative and repetitive thinking and being able to enjoy life and understand what I need.
Any recommendations of good counselling or approach which could help? My therapy has been more exploring different things and bringing up things but do not feel it has overall given me a sense of connection and resolution.

Thank you xx

00psaDaisy Mon 10-Apr-17 12:31:58

Sorry to hear your having a hard time op flowers How old is ds? Is there scope for you to have a hobby or work pt?

LittleMuffinBabyboy Mon 10-Apr-17 12:36:02

Thank you 00psaDaisy xx DS is 2 year and 4 months old and honestly had no idea I would find it so hard. Thought I would be superhappy to be with him the whole day but just feel I have very little patience and this is made
worse by my DH's lack of patience. Am thinking about pt work maybe one or 2 evenings a week as he is now in nursery only 3 times a week for 3 hours only.

00psaDaisy Mon 10-Apr-17 13:33:08

I totally relate. For me I had to stop myself from feeling so isolated. I now do a couple of afternoon shifts in a cafe while ds is at nursery. The adult conversation alone has really helped as I'm less frustrated and therefore arguing less with dh. What did you do before ds was born? I left a successful job in the city and also struggle with not being 'superhappy' confused

HumpMeBogart Mon 10-Apr-17 14:40:05

I found my therapist through this:

LittleMuffinBabyboy Mon 10-Apr-17 16:23:39

00psaDaisy I was also thinking of looking for a pt job in a cafe'.I had a job in the City too but felt so stressed and left. Think defo the pt job could be a start!

LittleMuffinBabyboy Mon 10-Apr-17 16:26:49

Thank you HumpMeBogart. Will try that although am overwhelmed by the choice. Would not want to end up in therapy having to talkover and over wothout any real structure if it makes sense.

00psaDaisy Tue 11-Apr-17 10:03:48

I also took up an aerobics class once a week on a Saturday which massively helped my state of mind. Plus, it gives dh 1 on 1 time with ds. Yes he's tired but he's had to get used to it. I personally struggle with having to be 'just' a mum but I'm getting my independence back and the arguments are far fewer smile

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