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Advice please.

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TheGirlWhoLovedTomGordon Sun 09-Apr-17 10:31:31

On Friday night I caught H in the act of texting another woman with explicit messages. History of infidelity. Have had it now, last straw. He says he's sorry and he's leaving. I want him to go.
My worries are financial. We rent our home and have 3 DC. He earns approx 23000 I earn about 19000. I can claim for HB, Council Tax Support and an increase in Tax Credits, apparently. I don't know how to do his though, or how long they will take to 'sort out', IYSWIM. I can't survive without his wage and I doubt I will see much child support sad
He kept trying to talk last night and was furious when I said I wanted to go to bed. Am off to work now while he is at home with two youngest DC. Oldest DC away on camp. Bless him.

Thanks MN

category12 Sun 09-Apr-17 14:10:54

To deal with the tax credits people, just phone them up and explain the situation - they will stop any joint claim and you can apply for your own claim in the same call. Mine were sorted out very quickly.

Child support: you can work out what he ought to pay using the online calculator on the website. If you think he's going to be awkward about paying, go through CMS. I don't know how good they are, but (unless he's self-employed or anything like that) I think they can take it from him directly if necessary.

If he will move out and end his part of the tenancy with the landlord, that's one thing. Otherwise you may need to think about looking for your own place and giving notice yourself. Depends what the situation is.

Don't do anything hasty and get yourself a bit of legal advice. I got a free halfhour with a family law solicitor - she agreed she couldn't do a lot for me as we had fuck-all, but was able to put my mind to rest about a few things, if you have marital assets of any sort, best to get some proper advice.

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