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emotional blackmail

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rosiebrown Sat 08-Apr-17 22:12:01

my other half has had a falling out with his sister - a stupid childish argument, and has refused to let my mother in law take our youngest to see her. at the 11th hour he turned it on me and now laid it in my lap. i won't let him use them as pawns but worry that our relationship is now over... don't know what to do..

fc301 Sat 08-Apr-17 23:06:08

Your DP, as a parent, has every right to decide for his child. Your MIL & SIL have no rights to see child without his consent. If they want to see child they need to resolve problem with your DP, or he does. Ball's in their court and YOU don't need to do anything except protect your child from any situation which may be toxic or damaging.

SandyY2K Sun 09-Apr-17 06:06:31

So your MIL wants to take your child to see your OHs sister? And he does not want that?

He's within his rights to do so. I don't understand why he's laying into you about it though. I don't see them being used as pawns.

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