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PurpleLyd Fri 07-Apr-17 23:45:08

Hey, just wanted some advice from people who have been through this. I've got my decree nisi date. My ex committed adultery and is now living with the woman. He barely sees my 2 kids (17 and 15). My solicitor says not to do mediation as he was very controlling and we no longer talk anyway. I'm just worried I'm going to lose the house. I'm going for my solicitor negotiating the deal with his solicitor. I'm just worried that I should have gone to mediation.
Can anyone help with how the process works? Thanks

Enough101 Sat 08-Apr-17 07:11:35

You only have to go to mediation if you are going to court and, even then, if you have been abused in any way then you would be exempt but would still have to go to a mediator so they would determine that mediation is not appropriate. I am not sure about whether mediation is cheaper than doing it through solicitors, you might want to check that out, but if your H was controlling and abusive, he may use the mediation to further intimidate you and you might end up agreeing to something that you feel pushed into. Hope this helps.

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