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How much does a prostitute cost?

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pombearsscarvesandpenguins Fri 07-Apr-17 18:29:51

Long timer, asking for a genuine relationship related reason.

I know its a bit "how long is a piece of string" but does anyone know what a prostitute would cost for sex?

Curlyblow Fri 07-Apr-17 18:35:35


SleepFreeZone Fri 07-Apr-17 18:39:04

Street corner prostitute will be a different price to someone describing themselves as an Escort

zombiesarecoming Fri 07-Apr-17 18:41:19

Street corner prostitute absolutely no idea

Escort, have a look on Adultwork website, most list prices

Ellisandra Fri 07-Apr-17 18:42:01

My XH booked his prostitutes via Adultwork website. He usually paid about £150 for an hour of "outcall" - that means they come to your house. I guess a bit of a premium as they have travelling time / expenses. There were plenty of women that he'd messaged between £100-£150 an hour. They didn't appear to be offering anything particularly specialist hmm That's in the Midlands.

I'm sure you can pay a lot less - especially for women working on the street.

Booboo27 Fri 07-Apr-17 18:42:17

Escorts that you book through websites are usually about £60-80 for 30 mins or £100-150 for 1 hour. Street ones will be more like £15-40 depending on the services offered (just a BJ or full sex)

BouncyFlouncy Fri 07-Apr-17 18:42:34

After the UK punting thread on here its seems to be about £60-70 for half hour according to some of the 'punters' posting on that disgusting site.

user1491565842 Fri 07-Apr-17 18:43:13

Unfortunately I know a bit about this and it's through voluntary work I hasten to add sad

Massage parlours and saunas - around £40-50
Escort coming to you - around £100-150
Street girl - £20

Ellisandra Fri 07-Apr-17 18:43:21

You don't have to register on AW to see what women in your area are charging, by the way. Watch out for him seeing your search history and knowing you're into him though.

Nancy91 Fri 07-Apr-17 18:44:42

Can be around £100 an hour in London, but it really varies depending on the area and the prostitute. Some women charge for time rather than intercourse because some men take a really long time to finish.

Obviously there are some women that charge a lot less and some that charge a lot more.

Ellisandra Fri 07-Apr-17 18:44:47

Pretty consistent answers.

Booboo27 Fri 07-Apr-17 18:44:52

The massage parlour my ex went to cost him £40 just for a basic massage, and then another £10 for her to go topless, and another £20 for a handjob and another £20 for full sex (so £90 for the hour in total)

TrippyMcTrapFace Fri 07-Apr-17 19:29:16

Some of the street workers in my closest city will do a blow job for £10 but starting price is usually £20. Depends on how much work they've already done that day and how desperate they are for money.

pombearsscarvesandpenguins Fri 07-Apr-17 19:42:42

Thanks for the information. I suspect it would more the massage parlour type thing.

Sad that a street prostitute would charge so little. Apart from the issue in my own life, that fact has really upset me for some reason sad

Ellisandra Fri 07-Apr-17 20:46:53

Yes, it's awful isn't it?
The most vulnerable women getting the shittiest money.
Honestly I hate the idea of any women having sex for money, but it angers me even more that there is such inequality.
When I was in the depths of finding out about my XH, I remember thinking (and I get that this is quite odd!) that the arseholes who use prostitutes should at least have some kind of ethical 'fair trade' thing going on, and pay a decent amount.
Sorry, it's hard to describe my feelings about it.

Anyway - clearly you're going through something unpleasant now so flowers

pombearsscarvesandpenguins Fri 07-Apr-17 21:34:11

It does make sense, I know exactly what you mean. Its heartbreaking that a woman would do that for as little as a tenner due to addictions, homelessness and probably more and more women will turn to it to feed their kids thanks to the benefit squeeze of the most vulnerable sad

If they are going to use these women then at least pay them properly. Except of course that the sort of man who does this doesnt have any respect for any kind of woman does he? So he is going to pay the least he can get away with. I can well imagine "him" looking for a bargain.......

I have no proof other than a couple of web pages that dont contain any local info or details of any particular worker. Thats why I want to know rough costs, so I can keep an eye on money and see if it is something he is doing or not. I dont understand his phone OS (he uses one of those launch apps) so its been quite difficult to get access.

SugarMiceInTheRain Fri 07-Apr-17 21:38:32

Reading this makes my mind boggle, given that a friend of mine confided that her husband had blown £10K of their savings on prostitutes...

SleepingTiger Fri 07-Apr-17 22:38:34

The rates vary having done some internet research.

The average white or blue collar worker can be expected to pay around £150 to £75 per hour, depending on the services offered.

At the upper end, such as politicians, an example of which is Nigel Farage, the going rate is around £400 per hour, according to many recent newspaper reports. That would however be the rate for a white, British porn star. As you would expect.

herwegoagain123 Sat 08-Apr-17 00:46:13

£50 to £60 pounds for half an hour incall to run of the mill brothel or massage parlour or independent in an apartment. That was a few years ago when I found out this was my partners hobby. All atm cash but they can also use credit cards etc.

Vogue212 Wed 21-Jun-17 15:06:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Electrolux2 Wed 21-Jun-17 15:13:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wherearemymarbles Wed 21-Jun-17 15:14:32

Vogue, fuckwit of the month award for you.

What a dickless twat you are.

FlyingElbows Wed 21-Jun-17 15:23:01

Vogue my self respect would cost you considerably more than £200 an hour. No woman is "missing out" by not being an intentionally at risk commodity.

LittleBooInABox Wed 21-Jun-17 15:30:11

It depends, lots of escorts or dominatrix, even professional submissives can get away with charging anything up to £500 an hour for there time.

The doesn't usually include sex, sometimes it's just for a spanking

LaurieFairyCake Wed 21-Jun-17 15:34:36

Luckily Vogue I earn enough an hour without having disease ridden penises in my nether regions.

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