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DVVP course

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9996767az Thu 06-Apr-17 18:42:07

Hi Guys I am looking for a bit of advice from those who have lived the hell of child contact cases to see if anyone can offer some advice.

I am in the middle of some very difficult court proceedings surrounding contact with by daughter who is less than 1 year old.

The ex partner and father was extremely violent and has a history of this with previous partners also and abuse againts children. A Caffcass report was undertaken which adviced no direct contact to take place due to the severity of the offences - he said that he didnt need to go on any courses etc i thought this mat be the end of it but following a final contested hearing it seems its not the end. He has been ordered to go on a DVVP programme and then we are back at court following this. I feel this is nothing more than a tick box excerise as I know he will make the right noises but wont change one little bit . i am worried that upon the completion of this course it wiil be a green light for contact, can any one offer any advice please?

JK1773 Thu 06-Apr-17 21:23:53

If the course providers are to report to the court then it's not just about him turning up, it's how he engages and takes responsibility for his own behaviour. If he doesn't I'd say he's still a massive risk. Those courses have huge waiting lists and take a long time. Surprised the court didn't tell him to go away and maybe reapply when he can demonstrate change. Not usual to keep you hanging on like that

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