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Keepsakes from a past love?

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Bookshelfbaby Mon 03-Apr-17 17:46:17

I have just bought my first house with my long term boyfriend (we are set to get married next year). We previously rented and I kept quite a bit of stuff at my parents over the years which I have now transferred to our new house a lot of it can go but I am sentimental and would like to keep a box of memories for when I am an old lady.

Things like letters, photographs and diaries from when I was at uni would be lovely to have. The problem I have is that much of that stuff relates to an old boyfriend I had at university. I bounced around between this boy and my now partner at the time and so this old boyfriend tends to still annoy him if he pops up at all. I never cheated on either and was always honest but it still caused a lot of upset at the time.

I met the other boy first and I fell in love with him quickly but he wasn't ready for a serious relationship so he pushed me away, then when I took the hint he would chase me to get me back, he even followed me to Russia once! When I finally ended it with him once and for all and committed to my now partner I tried to be friends with the other guy but it didn't work out. I haven't seen him in years now and I am totally over him but him and that time are now a nice romantic memory of my youth!

Given the one time rivalry between my boyfriend and the other would it be in bad taste to keep a few keepsakes and diaries from that time for when I am old and gray?

JK1773 Mon 03-Apr-17 17:55:20

Personally I don't think so but I've been on both sides of this. I still have a small box of photos etc of my ex from a few years ago that I've kept since we separated although I've never looked at them and have no wish to (bad break up / relationship) although I might one day. I live on my own now but if I was moving in with NP I'd respect his views (although he's very laid back). However when I was with my ex he still had his wedding album from EXW and I would not allow that into our new house that we got together. Didn't want it there at all. He wanted to keep it so it went to his parents house. So I'm not sure. I think it depends how strongly your OH feels about it. To me it would depend on his views, is have no problem personally getting rid although it seems a bit unnecessary but I wouldn't want to cause hurt. That probably doesn't help at all hmm

Scribblegirl Mon 03-Apr-17 17:58:12

I have a box in the loft from an ex but they never overlapped so I can't comment on that front I'm afraid.

DP had a psychotic ex girlfriend who he was friends with until she went mental at me for having the temerity to get serious with him hmm I know he still has a few keepsakes from before that time, I don't like it but I just don't look in that box grin

NotTheFordType Mon 03-Apr-17 18:43:32

It doesn't really matter because it's extremely likely you'll split up with this boyfriend too. Uni relationships are you finding yourself. They're not realistic.

I assume current BF is agitating for you to ditch the keepsakes? You're probably better off ditching him.

Scribblegirl Mon 03-Apr-17 18:59:20

ford she's no longer at uni and it sounds pretty serious given they're buying a house. Assuming you're not a gf, maybe read the OP? <head tilt>

noego Mon 03-Apr-17 20:26:47

Burn it, skip it, sell it. Your on a new chapter.

PinkHeart59156816 Mon 03-Apr-17 20:30:00

I've got a box somewhere of old cards, train/plane tickets, photos of me & old boyfriends/holidays we had etc from before I met dh.

I don't get them out and cry over them of an evening or anything, I had a life before dh and these people were part of that so I don't see why I can't keep them. I'm pretty sure dh knows I have the box of old memories and he isn't at all bothered

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