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Should she go no contact?

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Trulynotaboutme Mon 03-Apr-17 13:28:01

My SIL has had a really bad few years. She's single with two DCs. Recently she made friends with a lovely guy and they've spent a lot of time together. He's gone through a similarly rough patch and they have a lot in common.

BUT - he's married and has told her all about the problems in his marriage. I've noticed that her mood veers depending whether he and his wife are on or off. She says they are just friends but that they have hugged a lot, and that he's told her that he thinks about her nearly all the time.

This isn't great, is it? I'm concerned about her self esteem as much as anything. I know she won't let anything happen beyond talking and hugs.

But talking and hugs isn't just talking and hugs, is it? I'm no expert! Simple life here. Lucky me (for now, at least - touch wood).


Trulynotaboutme Mon 03-Apr-17 13:28:44

NB I know it's not my business really, but I care about her

loveyoutothemoon Mon 03-Apr-17 13:43:24

Sounds like he is very much 'on' with his wife.

Trulynotaboutme Mon 03-Apr-17 14:03:46

Do you think? SIL says they never do much as hold hands any more, and she believes him

TheNaze73 Mon 03-Apr-17 14:19:09

She must have a kangaroo loose in the top paddock if she believes that bullshit

Absofrigginlootly Mon 03-Apr-17 15:15:23

He's married

That's all she needs to know

HowamIgoingtocope Mon 03-Apr-17 17:21:49

As a woman who's been cheated on. He told his partner who was the mistress all those things.
She needs out. Full stop he will never ever leave his wife. If he ever did she would be dragged through the mudoor. Believe me I know this to be true as I made sure both of them felt my wrath.... cough makes sure halo is still in place.
One rule if they are married don't touch with a crappy stick and run for the hills.

Trulynotaboutme Mon 03-Apr-17 19:21:56

I'm going to talk to her. With wine.

Absofrigginlootly Mon 03-Apr-17 20:18:35

Tell her to work on her self respect and stop having an emotional affair with a married man.

HowamIgoingtocope Mon 03-Apr-17 20:26:24

I don't think she has no self respect. I think he's talking the talk and taking advantage of a very vulnerable woman. That being said she needs to cut ties.

Absofrigginlootly Mon 03-Apr-17 20:37:16

I didn't say she didn't have any self respect, but it can't be very high if she's investing herself emotionally in a relationship with a married man.

She's vulnerable yes, but still responsible for her own actions

Trulynotaboutme Tue 04-Apr-17 00:10:05

We chatted a bit tonight. She told me she hadn't contacted him on Messenger tonight, although he messaged her. She said they'd had conversations all evening before his wife got annoyed with it.

And also that he'd been at her house late one night and it turned out his wife didn't know where he was and was very cross when she found out.

I've strongly suggested she go no contact. Also asked if if she'd like me to help her set up an online dating profile, but maybe that's a stupid idea? I've had quite a bit of time on my own and always found it made me quite strong.

She only met him a couple of months ago, less than a month out of a bad relationship

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