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Rather unpleasant middle aged drunk...

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EveEveEve Sat 01-Apr-17 21:44:06 how XP described woman he was having affair with when forced to explain her presence in his life - which made me wonder what other negative/insulting descriptions your charming betrayers have used to put us off the scent...?

Angrybird123 Sat 01-Apr-17 22:10:01

Ex told me his ow (to whom he is now engaged) was rather weak, directionless, needy, a bit dim. He made her out to be a rather pathetic but struggling single mum that he felt he should support. He now thinks I am a whining, grasping resentful bitch because I demand that he adequately (ie more than the bare legal minimum) supports his two children and have the temerity to not just disappear into a little hole somewhere.

EveEveEve Sat 01-Apr-17 23:23:14

Its so cowardly sad

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