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Kissing on an online date!

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KissMeDo Sat 01-Apr-17 12:19:27

Hi! Another online dating question grin.

I'm just interested in getting a bit of other views.

Have been on a couple of dates with a quite nice, sexy man.

But, you know, we're very new to each other. I don't really feel like kissing in public or the car park! I'd almost like to wait until we can't bear it any more! OTOH, I've read, its good to gage sexual chemistry, and men feel they have to do this.

I think I should add (1) I'm not 20 or 30, add a couple of decades and you'll be closer (2) kissing is a really powerful thing for me, so not done lightly really. I'd like it somewhere more natural and relaxed ...

News and views on this one welcome x

MommaGee Sat 01-Apr-17 12:21:23

When and where it feels right, irrespective of age, how you met etc. Don't kiss him till you both want to

floraeasy Sat 01-Apr-17 12:24:26

I was going to asking about how virtual kissing was done grin

Now I see!

I feel like you, OP!

I'd like the right setting, the right timing and the right mood.

Maybe when you feel you've reached the point you'd like to try it, try and engineer a date in a nice setting where you'll be ready to go for it when the chance arises.

Hope all goes well for you with your date.

tigermoll Sat 01-Apr-17 12:26:10

Ok, so do you want to a) wait longer to kiss him, or b) find a way to kiss him now? I'm not quite sure I understand the dilemma, tbh.

If a: Umm....don't kiss him yet?

If b:decide on a non public place that you think it WOULD be acceptable to kiss him. Invite him to said place. Kiss him.

KissMeDo Sat 01-Apr-17 12:29:21

Grounded, Momma, what I need to hear.

Flora, so sweet!

tigermoll! well, I don't know confused hence post. Invitations to each others homes seem a bit further down the line but lets see hey.

I think I will just have to see what happens ... I will post back [one day] how everything went x!

I think I have to follow my instincts, what I want to do. That way nothing can really go wrong.

SaltySeaDog72 Sat 01-Apr-17 15:42:42

Think this is a very OLD issue.

When you meet someone in the real world you probably decide you want to kiss them by the time you go on a date.

OLD is a standing start and the first kiss can become potentially fraught and maybe awkward and often hurried.

Some people are really relaxed and confident about kissing, for others it's a big deal.

It's a big deal to me and I always felt it was an big thing OLD. That said I agree it's an excellent way to gauge sexual chemistry. So tend to want to get on and just do it.

Think the way to make it less uncomfortable is to have lots of light and flirtatious body contact on the date on the lead up to the kiss (am talking a brush against the arm, touch of the knee etc).

With current boyf (met online) I was dying for him to kiss me on date 2 (even date 1 tbh) but it still felt fraught because he was reserved and sat opposite me and he wanted to touch my hands etc but was too nervous! So he just sorta went for it. Sometimes you just gotta get it out the way!

Go for it! And do report back!

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