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Need to get EA stbxh out

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blackteasplease Thu 30-Mar-17 15:52:48

Just posting to moan really as I know what I need to do. Whole story would be too long for anyone to read.

Made decision to split Jan 2016. Had mediation, had all sorts of different plans begun and come to nothing.

He just will not move out even in the interim so that life is easier. I can't move out with kids as cant affors to rent as well as pay mortgage. Can't (and it would be wrong to) move out without kids as kids are primarily bonded to me - plus he is EA.

I know I just need to send off the financial remedies form and children act forms. Have sent of divorce petition already. It's taken me a while to get forms together since I realised last month this was only solution.

Had to go back to mediation in meantime because too much time had elapsed. He put forward a proposal that I agreed to for speed and took steps towards putting into action. He's done nothing to make this happen in the meantime, and everything I have done will be wasted.

Need some hand holding really and of course any advice that would be helpful.

hellsbellsmelons Thu 30-Mar-17 16:22:43

That's sound crap.
<hand holding> here.
Just try to get through each day.
There will be an end in sight soon.

I hope you aren't doing anything for him?
No cooking, cleaning, ironing, shopping, washing, etc.....

Hermonie2016 Thu 30-Mar-17 16:26:43

All you can do is push ahead with the divorce and get a settlement.Has he taken legal advice

blackteasplease Thu 30-Mar-17 16:34:33

I know he had some legal advice early on..We both know what the legal position is though.

He just likes things as they are I think.

I do cook and shop for the family (he sometimes shops) and I cant really tell him he cant eat any in front of the kids! I don't do anything else for him except general housework which I cant stop him benefitting from. Not in his room of course.

Thanks for hand holding.

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