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AIBU to have had a lovely Mothering Sunday?

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QueenArseClangers Mon 27-Mar-17 09:07:44

I had a lovely day yesterday. DH organised littlies to get me a plant, kids made cards, went out for afternoon tea with DM, had a lie in, teenagers bought their own gift (including DSS 17 who came round with a pressie 'because he appreciates me') and generally had an ace time.

I'm sure lots of other mums had a decent day but as usual there's the 'shite Mother's Day' threads.
It seems the common denominater is the fact that most of the posters' DPs are utter twats who expect them to do the shitwork and can't be arsed to let them have a nice day.
It's like valentine's day: expecting a bunch of flowers and a meal will turn your husband into a prince when he spends 364 days if the year being a dick.
Not being smug but DH does half the housework, childcare, shit clearing and 'wifework'. He sends his own cards/buys pressies for his family and does half the school stuff too.
I had a rubbish first marriage so know what it's like to be treated like crap but am always saddened by the MD posts on here where the OP is let down by her DP sad

whatisgoingon1 Mon 27-Mar-17 09:15:23

Somehow I missed the point of what is the purpose of your thread.

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