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Emotionally abusive ex

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Rosywood Mon 27-Mar-17 07:26:46

I split up with my ex 3weeks ago,after 3years of absolute hell.
He didn't see the kids in the first week, after that he has been coming when he wishes and likes to split the kids up so I can't do anything, for instance, take 1out 1day and the other 2the next. IV told him he needs to see them all together. He has been constantly coming round telling me how much he loves me that he can't live without out me and that he has been thinking suicide, and that if I don't take him back he will go mental and have to be sectioned. (This is the third time we have split, the first he up and left me, the second he was lying and going behind my back, this time I ended it because I couldn't trust him and he destroyed anything we ever had by leaving and lying to me.) he now is making out that it's all my fault cos I won't give him another chance. Yesterday he came round and started again, I was feeling weak and vulnerable and emotionally drained. Saying I love you all so much, we need to be a family, the kids need me, you need me, I can't live without you. We need to start a fresh, go on dates, make time for each other, blah blah. Like I said I was weak and let him talk at me and convince me into coming round tonight to have tea and talk some more. Now I feel numb. I think I let him cos it's easier. How do I be stronger, please any advice, and sorry it's a long post x

InTheMoodForLove Mon 27-Mar-17 07:47:15

Sorry you have been coerced into it, OP.
How do you think he will react if you just tell him you cannot see him tonight? Will he kick off? I would cancel and also organise for a friend or relative to come around, preferably male. The more determined you are to leave the more angrier he will be and I wouldnt want that to happen if alone and with the children asleep.

Rosywood Mon 27-Mar-17 07:51:24

Yes you are right, thank you, I know I need to stand my ground on this. He still makes me feel weak, he knows exactly what he is doing and I'm letting him

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