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I need a friend

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Gracey1231 Mon 27-Mar-17 04:19:47

Is there anyone else who is hurting over a stupid ex or partner on here

All my friends are in relationships and I feel so lonely, feel like everyone else is happy and I'm on my own

1MrsRabbit Mon 27-Mar-17 04:39:01

I'm awake! Just found out mines been cheating on me. All my friends are either married or getting married this year... bugger!!!

Gracey1231 Mon 27-Mar-17 04:40:43

horrible isn't it, ive been broken up with mine for 8 months, but the little things are hurting, seen him liking a girls photo and im just floored, i get okay then i get hurt again, silly me

i hope you're okay, and i hope your partner feels like a fucking knob xxxx

1MrsRabbit Mon 27-Mar-17 04:47:48

I'll be ok, potentially homeless, but the world will keep spinning! Can you block your ex from social media so you don't see any posts?

Gracey1231 Tue 28-Mar-17 23:36:47

I've had to try so hard today to not look at his Facebook sad it's so so shitty.

Has your guy not even gave you an explanation or anything xxxx

Bagpuss1971 Wed 29-Mar-17 00:44:34

Hang in there, it gets better. Easy to say but time heals. Keep busy, get a hobby if you can find the time and meet new people :-)

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