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He is ringing the doorbell non stop. Should I call police?

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Proseccoisthenewlambrini Sun 26-Mar-17 02:37:23

I'm scared, should I call police?

finova Sun 26-Mar-17 02:37:45


Clockwatch Sun 26-Mar-17 02:38:17


HarleyQuinzel Sun 26-Mar-17 02:38:34

Yes, if you feel scared call the police.

LauraPalmersBodybag Sun 26-Mar-17 02:53:10

Yes. Did you call op?

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Sun 26-Mar-17 02:57:54

Are they sending somebody round to you?

Sweets101 Sun 26-Mar-17 03:03:40


MusicToMyEars800 Sun 26-Mar-17 03:05:18

who is ringing the doorbell? do you feel in danger? if so ring the police!! the most important thing is you stay safe.

JovialNickname Sun 26-Mar-17 03:05:55

Yes - don't call 999 as it's not an emergency (unless he's dangerous in which case absolutely do) tell them you're scared and feel threatened. Call them now. We're all here for you x

JovialNickname Sun 26-Mar-17 03:07:40

On 101 I mean, but tell them you feel very scared x the fact that it's 2 am is threatening in itself.

Sweets101 Sun 26-Mar-17 03:09:09

If current or ex partner is constantly ringing your doorbell and you feel intimidated you absolutely canand should ring 999. Domestic violence is taken seriously and for good reason

ButtMuncher Sun 26-Mar-17 03:10:04

Absolutely. I hope you're okay OP flowers

JovialNickname Sun 26-Mar-17 03:11:38

Are you alright Prosecco?

shitgibbon Sun 26-Mar-17 03:14:30

Who is he?

Hope you are ok.

Littlelegs19 Sun 26-Mar-17 03:14:40

Hope your ok prosecco? flowers

StandAndBeCounted Sun 26-Mar-17 03:21:36

Yes. Hope you're OK flowerswinecake

Topseyt Sun 26-Mar-17 03:49:11

Hope you are OK.

Proseccoisthenewlambrini Sun 26-Mar-17 07:33:24

Thank you . I'm ok, sorry I didn't post again last night.

I desperately want to work things out with my husband, we had been getting on well and went out last night for a date night. We both had too much to drink and I asked a stupid question when a girl appeared to make a beeline for me and bump into me in a bar, I tried to help her but she was clinging to my dh, he said he knew her and since we are separated I asked him if he had slept with her. Stupid I know. I tried to apologise straight away , he walked off, I followed him, he left me in the bar and told me to go fuck my self. To cut a long story short I was begging for forgiveness he refused to listen. I went to go home as thought he was way ott about it, he tried to get in taxi with me, threatened to kick door in. He was waiting when I got home, snatched my key and shut me out.
I walked to a friends, woke her up he called verbally abusing, I went home, key was in door, his car was gone, I locked myself in, he came back and rand door bell, knocked windows, called me until 5am.

I know I was out of order but don't think I deserved that.

BottleBeach Sun 26-Mar-17 07:35:31

Did you call the police?

Proseccoisthenewlambrini Sun 26-Mar-17 07:36:18


ThatsWotSheSaid Sun 26-Mar-17 07:36:57

Why is it such a stupid question? It sounds like bad timing but you should have to beg for forgiveness for a asking a question surely.

ThatsWotSheSaid Sun 26-Mar-17 07:37:13


SnugglyBedSocks Sun 26-Mar-17 07:39:57

What did you do that was so out of order?

A woman purposely bumps into and then clings to your DH. He admits he knows her. You only asked the obvious question. He should have tried to reassure you.

He slept with her and his reaction shows it

Trollspoopglitter Sun 26-Mar-17 07:39:57

How were you out of order to ask if he had sex with a woman when you're currently separated? It's a fair and valid question. He could have said, no. He could have reassured you I'm not having sexual intercourse with anyone because I want to work things out with us.

But he didn't. He made you feel out of order for daring to ask. Wonder why.

theothercatpurred Sun 26-Mar-17 07:42:24

Prosecco yes you would have been right to call the police and you are also right you don't deserve this.

I've mistakenly accused my DP of sleeping with someone. We were going through a bad patch and I was feeling very insecure. My DP was gutted by the accusation and I made him feel bad. But he did not shout at me, threaten me or make me feel scared in the slightest. He talked to me about it.

True, you may have hurt his feelings but what he chooses to do with hurt feelings is 100% his responsibiity. You didn't deserve that, not at all.

LTB please. This man will not being you the life you deserve. He will continue to hurt you.

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