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It's Mother's Day and he's on hol with OW

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honestjoan Sun 26-Mar-17 02:35:17

Anyone else who's going to find this day tough? 18 months on and I'm still reeling. I did, at least, buy myself some flowers

JohnnyMarr Sun 26-Mar-17 02:57:35

Sorry to hear you're finding it hard Joan. How old are your DC?

More flowers for you.

honestjoan Sun 26-Mar-17 03:03:45

Thank you JonnyMarr (good name). They're 8 and 9 and pretty much oblivious to what's happened and why - because I've been determined that I won't bad mouth him to them. But it still stings, for me, and for what they've lost.

Brandnewstart Sun 26-Mar-17 03:04:13

I've just had a cry about this tonight and I'm over 2 years on. Sorry to hear you're finding it rough too OP. Doesn't help we moved to be near his family so when he's celebrating with his mother and OW tomorrow, by mum is over 4 hours away sad

honestjoan Sun 26-Mar-17 03:10:39

Brandnewstart it's shit isn't it? I'm sorry you've gone through all of that. X

MusicToMyEars800 Sun 26-Mar-17 03:10:59

wish I could be of some help,but just here to offer a (( hug )) nd hand hold also some flowers cake wine for being a wonderful mum

Brandnewstart Sun 26-Mar-17 03:14:41

Thanks OP. I hope you manage to have a good day. Sometimes I feel you can't say it in real life because everybody expects you to have got over it. I have a new partner and he is lovely but I still feel so sad my children have to live two lives x

JohnnyMarr Sun 26-Mar-17 03:25:06

I can totally empathise, my two have been at a family party with STBXH tonight. DD has been NC with him since he left 8 weeks ago but came home and told me she'd spoken to him tonight and I forced myself to choke out a "that's nice" despite feeling it's anything but!

Sickofthisalready Sun 26-Mar-17 13:54:01

Im only 6 weeks in, and have spent a lot of today hiding the tears behind my sunglasses.

Took DS to the park, but it was full of families which just made me feel ten times worse. That used to be ussad

honestjoan Sun 26-Mar-17 21:19:17

Nice to know it's not just me! It was a shit start to the day with the kids acting up but it improved massively when I got out and met my sister with them and walked around in the sunshine. Ex is taking the kids to meet her at Easter. Fixing the smile on my face for their sake but god it's hard. Hugs to you all for today x

Brandnewstart Sun 26-Mar-17 22:29:40

Glad you had a good day smile. We had a nice day too, helps it was lovely weather!

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