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MiL coping strategies/techniques

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JessaHanna Mon 20-Mar-17 09:27:00

I cannot take my MiL anymore. She is the most rude negative, competitive, insecure woman I have ever met and I just do not want to see her anymore.

Has anyone successfully had no contact with their MiL and if so how did you do it? My husband and DC will still see her but I just cannot take her anymore and if I wasn't related by marriage she wouldn't be someone I would choose to be friends with.

I have reduced my own contact to a minimum but the issue arises when she invites us as a family to dinner etc. My husband wants me to go but I just can't stand being around her.

I saw her yesterday for only four hours and it was too much. The last time I spent any time with her before that was Christmas.

I really have made the effort with her and my husband has taken time to explain all the 'issues' but she carries on regardless and is downright rude.

Is divorce the only answer? I say this half joking. I'm so fed up and sad about it.

Ampersand22 Mon 20-Mar-17 09:29:21

Sort I am off to work and can't write much but this is a good start. Will be back later. smile

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