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Does the fear ever go?

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Krispiesquare Sat 18-Mar-17 21:27:24

Was in a relationship with intimidating and EA and FA ex partner for a few years, we share a child and we split when he was not even one.

He continued to bully and torment me for years after, his abuse has escalated with following relationships to violence and cruelty as well an the FA and EA

Due to recent revelations I've had to fully stop contact (which was hanging by a brink as it was) as I as well an not believing it to be in the childs best interest I have solid and unquestionable proof that it isn't.

I'm terrified. Anxious. Jumpy. Having nightmares. My imagination is running away with me. I'm scared stiff.

He's a dangerous man who nothing can be put past.

I've had no luck with getting any official third party involvement and can only go down the legal route.

I hate this sad

Secretlife0fbees Sat 18-Mar-17 21:36:34

OP why can't you get the police involved? That's what I'd do and get a restraining order....

ladyballs Sat 18-Mar-17 21:38:11

Yes, it does. Hang in there lovely flowers

Krispiesquare Sat 18-Mar-17 21:53:59

@secretlife0fbees I have spoken to the police who aren't interested as no crime has currently been committed. They have just said to call them if he turns up sad I've phoned woman's aid, who directed me to the NCDV who I have phoned twice and both times they've promised to call back yet haven't. Solicitor will be filing the paperwork for a restraining order but will still have to wait for a court date- restraining order won't do much either tbh. There's already one on him to protect someone else so he hangs out at the boundary. I'm petrified.

Secretlife0fbees Sat 18-Mar-17 22:00:26

I suppose then all you can do is make sure that if he even turns up or sends you threatening messages that you ring them immediately. Sorry to hear this, it's sounds horrible. Have you thought of having some counselling to help you? flowers

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