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I don't know what to think

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lili548 Wed 15-Mar-17 01:26:38

Am coming out of 4years relationship, I love my Ex so much but he get mad over everything so the feelings I had for him dead but he's still telling me he wants me back but I don't want this relationship anymore. And there's this guy who propose to me I fall in with him on the first week of our date I don't understand why because my ex try to win my heart more than a year and I just in life with this new guy like a fool. I found out from the media that he has a girlfriend but she left for aboard. I can't tell if he really love's me as he say and one thing he talks to her but not in front of me my friends thinks he loves me. Because of the way he stares at me, lick his lips, always wanna see me to kiss me and torch me. Am afraid of sex ever since I broke my vc have never had sex again because am afraid and am afraid he meant ask sex. Am so confused my ex given me hard times and this guy too. Please help me found out if he loves me as he say

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