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the birth and death of romance .. in two notes

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bigmouthstrikesagain Thu 09-Mar-17 19:16:30

Well a note and a poem.

I was sorting out boxes in our store room today. Boxes full of stuff from my past (and dhs) in one amongst old essays and letters I found a poem a poem written by the bloke in Uni that was my first shag. All very pretentious and embarrassing but sweet in its way. In the same box there was a letter the same bloke sent to me when I was back home after I graduated - it was brief, to the point and was calling in a debt for petrol money I apparently owed him. Cash preferred grin

It summed up the beginning where he was all hearts and flowers and grand romantic language - his muse to his car share debtor! Oh well grin

Who else can now look back and grin at the drama of youthful flirtations remembering how serious they seemed then - you have to be over 40 to really reminisce with sufficient distance of course.

MumBod Thu 09-Mar-17 20:08:55

At one point I had my diary from 1992 (when I met my XH) and my decree absolute in the same drawer.

One of them went on the fire...

HarrietSchulenberg Thu 09-Mar-17 20:28:47

I used to have something similar, OP, from about 25 years ago. A Thank You for an amazing shag card from a sparkly new boyfriend together with a couple of blushingly lovely love letters from him, and also a short note, dated a week after he'd dumped me, asking for the return of the £25 and Jane's Addiction Tshirt he'd lent me.
A few years ago I decided to edit my past and to only leave behind the things I'd want my kids to know about me should I drop dead unexpectedly, leaving them to dredge through my belongings. My past made quite a bonfire!

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