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Rebuilding trust

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rebuildingtrust Thu 09-Mar-17 14:15:11

Back story - been together for almost two years, fell in love and it all went too quickly and got complicated when we should have been enjoying dating. Due in part to both having lots of baggage.

I moved out 6 months ago due to deterioration of MH (diagnosed EUPD) and hit him very hard as he didn't think it would happen. Found out shortly before I was PG so due in next couple of months.

Had a turbulent relationship over the last few months - progress made then regression.

We see a counsellor once a month but it's not enough, at the moment time and money prohibit more.

The bottom line is we have lost a lot of the trust. If it's just me and him then it's fantastic - we have amazing chemistry. Whenever there is any external influence or pressure then it just crumbles which is obviously not possible to avoid.

How do you go about regaining the trust? Not that each other are faithful but trusting that each other are committed to the relationship?

Adora10 Thu 09-Mar-17 14:17:22

It's clearly not there OP, you're better off apart, so much drama in such a short time; sounds doomed to me.

rebuildingtrust Thu 09-Mar-17 14:23:25

You're probably right Adora but at the moment we're both very much wanting to be with each other so that's not the right conclusion now. We both don't feel it's doomed at this point. Would just like some ideas for how we can rebuild.

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