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Clingy DS

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EveryoneLovesDogs Mon 06-Mar-17 19:39:21

Im a single mum to DS5. Ive been seeing a really nice man for 6 months. Ive never been away from DS overnight. I did try a couple of weeks ago but he was hysterical so i came home. Anyway bf told me today im his plus one for his brothers wedding in May. Wedding is 100 miles away so we'd have to stay overnight. How do i do this??

Kikikaakaa Mon 06-Mar-17 19:43:08

Maybe try someone sitting him in his own house. Sleeping out at someone else's is hard when you are little and not used to it. Also you could try sleeping at your sisters (I recall it was sister?) with him for a few times? Make it fun? I'm sure you can get him more comfortable over time but it will take time. Bless both of you, not unreasonable to want to do something now and then and he's only little so learning about the world too. Lots of cuddles and reassurances will help him feel was anxious maybe

Busybeesmum Tue 07-Mar-17 09:40:18

Bless you. My kids are very clingy and it can be frustrating. My youngest is still breastfed at 2.5 aswell so life has to fit round that! Emphasise how much fun he will have when youre away and you could skype him if it would help seeing your face

EveryoneLovesDogs Tue 07-Mar-17 17:22:43

Busy he was still breastfed at 3! He cant really stay at my sisters as she lives in a shared house but she can stay here with him for some trial periods i guess

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