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How do you know when it's over?

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squirrel16 Sun 05-Mar-17 21:45:06

namechanged to post this.

Been with DH for 22 years, married for 14. I don't think I love him any more. He's done nothing wrong. He's a wonderful man, but everything about him is starting to annoy me. I feel so frustrated I could walk out the front door and just keep going. We have 2 kids (13 & 9), who would be so upset if we split up. There is no one I can talk to about this, most friends are mutual friends. I have a chronic illness, and have recently started a new treatment which may be affecting my emotions, so how can I tell if it is over or if we're going through a natural lull or if the new meds are making me crazy? (the kernel of these thoughts was there before the meds)

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