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Hand hold needed please

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Whohasnickedmyvodka Thu 02-Mar-17 08:37:32

Last night I had my ex dp and father of my 14 month dd arrested me has been verbally and physically and mentally abusive through out most of our relationship we split up nearly a year ago last night he was looking after our dd while I went to a meeting he was is a vile mood when I got back verbally abusing me calling me a fat cunt , lazy ,a shit mother ect he then attacked me and held me by the throat and saying he was going to kill me for the first time ever I called the police and made a statement he is still in custody at the moment I feel sick

JangleJem Thu 02-Mar-17 08:45:14

WELL DONE. You are courageous and fully in charge of your own life now. Fuck him to the fucking moon and back. Turn away and never return, emotionally or physically.

thethoughtfox Thu 02-Mar-17 10:22:26

That took real guts. Don't back down now. He needs to know a line has been drawn and you will not allow him to abuse you or your child.

canthelpmyself Thu 02-Mar-17 12:10:16

Well done for standing up for yourself, and for calling the police!!
I was in the same situation once, and could not fault the police in any way, shape or form. They made sure my number was recognized if I phoned them, and somebody would be sent straight away (and they made sure my ex knew about it).
Hopefully your ex will just have been ranting and trying to intimidate you, as he lost all other control over you...
Big hugs from here, stay strong!

Frank87 Thu 02-Mar-17 12:16:55

I feel incredibly proud of you for taking back the control in your life. It must have been an awful thing to do but you deserve the world!

Sending the biggest hugs.

You are fantastic and very brave. Stick to the truth about what happened and don't back down, you have done the right thing.

Gingerbreadlass Thu 02-Mar-17 12:45:14

God, you poor thing and your poor little one! Well done for calling the police to protect both of you. I hope your ex will never have unsupervised access to both of you. Do not back down but be honest and meticulous in listing all he has done to you. Write a list to help jog your memory.

Do you have RL help to be with you at the moment?

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