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Anyone else out there going No Contact?

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Tryingtobehappy Tue 28-Feb-17 20:07:32

Just that really...1 week and 2 days in and I feel I can't do it. All I'm thinking about is him and wanting to message him. Any words of advice? I don't feel like I can get through this sad

Kittencatkins123 Tue 28-Feb-17 20:25:44

What is the situation?
Do not message him!

disconnecteddrifter Tue 28-Feb-17 20:28:26

Why have you gone no contact? If it's because you feel miserable when in contact remember that. It does get easier. Think about all the people you have ever known and think of those you no longer contact: friends, family, exs. You don't give most of them a second thought and this could set you free

Tryingtobehappy Tue 28-Feb-17 20:41:21

He is 44 & I am 45. My daughter is 22 and having a baby. He can't cope with it as doesn't want to be a step-grandad. Feels too young to be associated with it and still wants another child of his own, I can't have any more now. He felt our relationship couldn't continue. Last conversation I had with him he was in a state saying he wished he felt different as he is still in love with me. He wanted to keep in contact but I said no as there is no point if nothing is going to change. Now I am on my own and I'm scared. I can't process all of this and my mind is driving me crazy......

Kittencatkins123 Tue 28-Feb-17 22:22:54

How long were you together? Do you have anyone you can speak to IRL?
It's so hard but it's better to be on your own than with someone who isn't completely committed to you.

Kittencatkins123 Tue 28-Feb-17 22:25:00

Give yourself some time to think about what YOU want and need. What are you looking for in a partner? Maybe he isn't right for you either?

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