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Ex asking for money - again

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36plusandtrying Tue 28-Feb-17 11:06:02

Is this normal ? Husband split from ex - over 9 years ago. From then she had gone from one failed relationship to another. Moving countries, interstate in the process. Dragging DSS through multiple rental properties, and 3 schools in his 9 years. We now have shared custody, eoww. We want more but she won't grant it so to not upset his routine. Now another relationship has failed and she has to find somewhere to live with DSS. She wants $2k bond money for a new rental, over and above the money we give her monthly ... Which exceeds my husbands legal obligation .... Aibu to be pissed off by this ? She works, gets financial help from DH and is surrounded by her direct family. This time we've said no, but previously we've helped. Why is she coming to us, not standing on her own 2 feet ?

Aedh Tue 28-Feb-17 11:29:33

Because she can.
Your DH is seen as an easy touch because he cares for his child. Could you suggest your DSS resides with you until she has resolved her housing issues?

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