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Relationship woes and antidepressants

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Growingupnevereasy Mon 27-Feb-17 21:28:57

Hi, not sure what exactly i want from this post.

I've been prescribed Antidepressants (sertraline 50mg)

I'm 35, three children and the doctor believe my symptom show signs of depression and anxiety.

I never received counselling to deal with past abuse from children's father. I left him years ago but never sought professional help.

I'm now in a lovely relationship. But secretly I'm dealing with fears of it ending or being cheated on.

Will these antidepressants help with the following:


Over active imagination ie. Constant negative thoughts about my past..and future.

Lack of joy in everyday things.

Unable to socialise.

Lack of motivation/organisation.

I'm sitting here with the packet in my hand wondering if indeed it is a magical pill. I want to feel the best me but I'm nervous about taking them.

Thank you

working9to5WAWTMAL Mon 27-Feb-17 21:46:25

Antidepressants do help a lot, speaking purely from my own experience. It can take a few weeks for them to start working and occasionally you might need to try new ones if the ones you are on don't work, but they certainly take the edge off all the difficult feelings and give you breathing space and perspective. I do think though that counselling might be a good idea as well - that way you're working to resolve your issues too. Hope you feel better soon, chronic anxiety is a horrible thing to experience.

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