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Sparklebelle1024 Mon 27-Feb-17 15:15:12

I posted a while back about my gambling abusive dp and how he makes me miserable and lots of you gave me advice to LTB, I've finally told my mum best friend and sister as I was being cut off from them and I'm planning to leave him now, I'm getting everything in order but the actual going through with it scares me, I feel sick

DevelopingDetritus Mon 27-Feb-17 15:25:52

You've took the first step, that's the hardest, you can do the rest. Freedom, safety and happiness awaits you. All the best.

Lespritdelsietanner Mon 27-Feb-17 16:59:11

I didn't see your thread but well done for opening up to your mum and your sister, hopefully they will support you through leaving him. Feeling scared is natural, plow through it and there will be no more misery, abuse or fear. Good luck OP. Be brave.

Rainbowqueeen Mon 27-Feb-17 20:07:23

You can do this!
Well done for all the steps you have taken so far.

Imagine how great your life could be without an abuser in it. The final step is the hardest but it sounds like you have great support, a great plan. Take that step and get out and live.

Would love to hear a further update. I'll be thinking of you

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