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DepressedSoul Sat 25-Feb-17 01:46:44

I'm so used to being alone that I struggle to see why anybody wants to with me. I have never had a relationship and a girl has never found me appealing enough to want to be with me. Even the girls that appear to like me for the giant mess that I'm...ultimately choose to never be with me when given the choice and always prefer any option but me...I feel I'm destined to be alone forever

ivegotdreadfulpmttoday Sat 25-Feb-17 07:09:25

How long has this been going on for? Do you ask women out for a date or do you assume they're not interested? You say you're a mess. Are there any steps you could/should be taking to sort yourself out so you have a better opinion of yourself? I know it sounds trite but if you're not happy with who you are other people will pick up on that. That's a lot of questions!

HarmlessChap Sat 25-Feb-17 11:02:55

When I was at school a motivational speaker came to give us a talk and said a phrase which stuck with me. If its to be it's down to me

The only person who can pull you out of "the giant mess" is you. There is support out there, speak to the GP about some talking therapy but I think you need to work on feeling better about yourself and being the best version of yourself that you can be.

Otherwise you're be looking for a woman who feels sorry for you rather than one who likes you for your good points.

Good luck, you can get there.

VelvetSparkles Sat 25-Feb-17 11:55:17

even girls who appear to like me for the giant mess I am, ultimately choise never to be with me

What do you mean by this? I wonder if you finding it difficult to believe that someone would actually like you for the person you are, means your behaviour around them leads them to believe your just not into them. I dated a guy once who was always asking me why I was with him, telling me I could do so much better, constantly asking if i fancied someone else - even just the guy in the papershop i smiled at when buying chewing gum. It was exhausting...and a very short relationship!

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